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Friday, May 7, 2010

cdey+n0thing 06052010

bgn pg ..d0ne surprise 4 rean's bday ..luv u all s0 much ..thanx c0z tpkse bgn awl ..hahaha
pg2 da dpt bekfes kek ..then.hang out wit da mer0t2 ..hhhhuuu ..syg d0rg gk gler2 ..tme hang out ..mcm2 jd ..
byk prasaan na kna jga ..byk plak tuhh yg trase ..adoii ..mcm2 mslh .p0ning2 ..but,wlaupn kte x apy ari nie ..ak still enjoy nga korg wlau ap jd skali pown!! ak kua nga dorg ..but ati ak ntah kmana ..smp tgk movie pown ley ttd0.hahaha ..dats my h0bby .mcm2 ak pkr ..mereng ak ase ...ak je yg ne jga ati org ..but ati ak?? emmm ..
pnat seyhhh ..blk ingt na stdy..but ak tao x kn jd pny ..hahahahha ..nga on9 ttbe lak ase cdey ..knp ntah.plik tol ak nieyhh ..k0rg !! all da dak acc0unting of ipb especially all da besfwenx !! ak na korg tao ..ak syg sgt korg ..x mo gado2 ..k0rg da besh!! slalu uat ak apy ..lao ad pape mst uat sme2 na tlg ..h0pe we 0wez t0gether !!!!

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