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Monday, October 25, 2010


For dearly friend ,



awk .
sy slalu doakan tbek tok awk
slalu doakn awk dpt tempuh dugaan hidup dengan redha
sy tahu awk kuat

May all your wishes come true & ALLAH bless you

With a lot of love, 
I just want to say sorry for everything happened
sy x ada niat na lukakan hati awk
sy x prnah na jauhkn diri or lupakan awk
just dats .

i cant love u more than a friend
i want to say thanx coz u always be by my side
i dont want u away n loose from me

one more ,
smlm ttbe awk ajk sy kua tme sy 
not in a good mood 
n sorry sgt
sy layan awk x bek
kcian awk ..

sy x prnh lupa birthday awk
sy byk problem
dats why sy menyepi 
 I'm so glad had a brother like you !! 

Learn from yesterday, Life for today and Hope for tomorrow.

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