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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hye guys :)
That's my lovely girls .
My supporters . My inspiration .
My havoc friends .
We do everything together without thinking of what other people say .
Just people who really know me will know who we are .
Thanks for those who always being beside us .
Love ! 

Sygs ! Thanks for spending your time last weekend .
Macam - macam yang jadi kan . 
Kerja jalan . jalan n jalan .

Bak kata ak : Kalau orang tengok kita sah kata gilo ! :]

Its oke laa . Asal happy sudah ! HOHOO

First Step : TS & PAVILION

Ape kitorang buat kat sana yup ? Huhuu
Shopping sikit2 n movie aje . 
Pikir punya pikir , kitorang decided nak tgk movie nie ! 

Scary ke movie nie ? Ade sampai jerit-jerit x ? 
Seriously , for me . Movie nie x best sangat . Sampai nak tertido pun ada . 
Jalan ceritanya a little bored . Last - last baru ada macam lawak sikit .
Apa pun enjoy jelaa . huhu

Before that . We've take some pictures .
Giler kamera sungguh ! 
HEHEE . Jangan marah yup ! :)

Oke . Korang memang sweet ! :P

Last Step : A&W and BB

Next Day : Wong Solo time !
Thanks to Eqaqa Rohimi because bawak kitorang pergi sana :)

You All The Best ! 

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