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Hello peeps, you can call me Miera or Hayatz . I'm a twenty-one years old naughty girl and studying a major in accounting . Here where I express everything that comes to my head and bittersweet experiences of my life . Feel free to leave your comments and sharing anything with me. Thankyou Thankyou for visiting loves (:


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Tuhan memberikan kita dua kaki untuk berjalan, dua tangan untuk memegang, dua telinga untuk mendengar dan dua mata untuk melihat. Tetapi mengapa Tuhan hanya menganugerahkan sekeping hati pada kita ? Karena Tuhan telah memberikan sekeping lagi hati pada seseorang untuk kita mencarinya. 
Itulah Cinta ....

Note from me :

Maybe its the best for you . 
Dont worry , I dont blame you . 
I'm happy for you :)

Tonight .
At last , I know the truth .
You , I want know more . What the actually happened ?

I'll pray for your happiness .
Take care .

Sometimes, so difficult to go through it . But we need to strong right ? Oke . I will :)

Learn from yesterday, Life for today and Hope for tomorrow.

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