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Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm Officially Graduated :')

Assalamualaikum .

Hello hello peeps! 
Today, I'm officially graduated! Syukur Alhamduilillah akhirnya one of my wishes in 2012 dah tercapai .
I have nothing to say other than I'm so HAPPY and very grateful . Amin :')
First of all , thankyou Allah , mama & ayah , family , HIM and beloved friends .
Without support from them , I will not get to this point .
Muaaahhhhhhh *bighugs*

Congrats to all UiTM's candidates for the great result and finally grad!
Goodluck for the next chapter and whatever you want to do .

For my beloved friends ,
I'm very miss you all and cant wait for the registration day! 
Nak hugs korang puas2 :(
Seriously I'm so sad for what happened to us now .
Sorry friends , terpaksa tinggal korang dulu .
Korang jangan putus asa tau , aku tahu korang BOLEH !
See you loves! 
Sumpah , aku sayang sangat kat korang !
Please dont forget me >.<

Terima kasih pada yang ada doakan kejayaan saya . Ia sangat berharga buat saya!


Learn from yesterday, Life for today and Hope for tomorrow.


NOOR FATIN said...

tahniah awak ;D

Miera | Hayatz said...

Thankyou Noor Fatin! :D

cik abbit said...

tahniah syg !

Miera | Hayatz said...

Tahniah utk awak jugakk cik abit! :D

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