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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Phantom Fancy Night!

Assalamualaikum .

Oke nie #ENTRY lapuk but still nak update jugak! :P

So I had a great Dinner for my batch Diploma In Accountancy at Kuala Lumpur International Hotel last two weeks. 
We had our time together, although not all are there. 
So here we come !

Thanks to dinner committee. They did great job! 
'N' a big thanks to all who attend and support this event even though many trials and problems that had to be reached . 
Alhamdulillah this event finally happened and has been running smoothly.
Smooth kea ? HA HA HA!
 Sorry guys if our dinner agak kelam kabut disebabkan beberapa halangan yang tidak dapat dielakkan.
 Lagipun first time buat event laa katakan. Hee
Apa-apa pun we still had fun and very very enjoy right ? :P
Seriously, you all very beautiful and handsome at that night . me loikeee!

Anyway, here I share you our last moment!

Nahh amik tengok macam mana makcikk MH malam tu -.-

Our dinner theme is Phantom Fancy Night .
So semua wajib pakai topeng . Pakai kea ? HEE
Thankyou korang sebab sanggup susah payah pegi cari topeng merata-rata tempat and pakai malam tu . 
Yeayyhh , korang memang bersemangat and ikut arahan! :')

Next , our HOT MC at that night!

Then the random picture during the dinner and our beautiful moments  .

Miss Y & Miss N! I miss both of you damn much!

Our Mr.Z or Mr.Gagaaa! Chammak challo man :')

Three HOT ladies!

The best picca of us!

Oke mereka serious comeyyy!

Thanks for coming bro :P

HOT couple of the year :P

This couple yang always sweet sweet gituuu . HEE
#pasangan Ombak Rindu!

Thankyou Shah sanggup datang walaupun jauh .
Cepat-cepat laa kawin bolehhh ? Hee

Shuk! Nasib aku tak denda korang sebab datang lambat!
Btw , Hensem! >.<

Heyy heyy beatiful miss , sorry sebab tak sempat nak borak2 dengan korang kan at that time.
Hope korang enjoy! 

Thanks Fira for coming. 
Very appreciate that you coming to meet us!

Two couples at that night :')
Sedihh sebab korang datang lambat & terpaksa balik awal .
Nasib sempat nyanyi Happy Birthday for you Dya !
May Allah bless you & all your wishes comes true . Amin

Korang yang comeyy comeyyy , I love you all !
Mekasih sebab selalu buat kite gelak dengan gelagat korang .
Korang memang lawakkkk !
Seriously , I miss that moments! *hugs*

#Miss all of you them much! 

Its dancing time . Oke semua menari tak ingat dunia. HA HA!

Tadaaaaaa .. Dah habes! So sorry a lot of pictures in this entry but I love to do it! :P
Kalau boleh nak letak banyak lagiii. Haha!
Its such a great moment for me so I love to share it with everyone. Oke #over!

Lastly , our lovely video .
Thankyou friends for the great happiness we shared together almost 3 years.
All the best for the next chapter :')
I   YOU !

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain . It's not something you learn in school . 
But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship , you really haven't learned anything .


Pictures credit to : DIAans and Facebook. Thankyou!

Learn from yesterday, Life for today and Hope for tomorrow.


syila may said...

y must me yg kena kawen awl?
suh des n ana dlu..
then iera n abg syg dlu..
bru weols

leeya said...

gamba kite skit je! huhu. smpai hati T_T hehe kte tau la kte xckup vouge nak ltak kat blog awak. haha. xdela. men2 je :P u're welcome dear :)

Shah said...

hahahaha pun bolehhh...adoiii

Miera | Hayatz said...

Syila & Shah ;
Tak kira, korang dulu sebab korang paling lamaa :P

Leeya :
Gedikks laa , awak lmbat sangat upload picca ,kite takde picaa awak :')

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