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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tag From Bernafas Dalam Ego.

Firstly ,
Thanks to Afif El Nino for tagging me, empunya blog Bernafas Dalam Ego !
Hey bro, your blog memang best ! Sempoiii gitu >.<
So peeps, anyone yang boring tu boleh laa terjah blog bro nie . 
Nak kawan dengan dya pon boleh , peramah orangnya .
HAHAA! habis laa apih ! #promote satt!
Oke , lets back on the track.

1) Must post these rules. 
2) Post 11 things about themselves in their post. 
3) Answer the questions that those tagger set you in their post and create new questions for the people you're tagging to answer.
4) Have to choose 11 people to tag in your post 
5) Don't forget to tell them that they were tagged 
6) No tag backs! 
7) No stuff in the tagging section stating something like "You are tagged if you are reading this". By reading these rules you are trusted to have legitimately tagged 11 people.


1) Hye! I'm Miera|Hayatz. People think me, an arrogant person but in reality I'm not.
2) Its so hard to me to havoc with people I didnt close. I might be ashamed of or no idea to talk.
3) I love to eat when I stress especially Cadbury and KFC.
4) I love colours and interior design, like to spend money to buy colour papers then create much origami or doing a card for someone.
5) I love account because its very challenging my mind to solve the problem.
6) I love camera and take a lot of picture because pictures show us the true moments.
7) I love cars and everything related to them. For me , drift is best! 
8) I like to do everything by myself and love to be an independent person.
9) I dont like to sleep at night because I like to stay up late for online or on call.
10) I so so sooo phobia with cats. I dont hate them but I just dont like for no reason. MENAKUTKAN!
11) I am loving person and can be a loyal listener, I will help you as long as I can. 


01. Pada pendapat anda, adakah ikan merasa dahaga?
Mungkin apabila kehabisan air. 

02. What are you listening to right now? 
Yang Terindah by Dakmie.

03. Binatang ganas yang anda teringin sangat nak bela?
Maybe lion. HAHA! 

04. Who last made you smile?
My facebook's friend.

05. Kenapa button 'Space' di keyboard sangat panjang?
Senang untuk ditekan and boleh cepatkan kerja.

06. What is right beside you now? 
My pillows!

07. Bila kali terakhir anda sebut 'I Love You'? 
Last night!

08. Who is the last person you talked on phone?
My girlfriend - Aniem! 

09. Satu tempat yang anda betul-betul nak pergi dan kenapa?
Paris with my love, because I love it! 

10. What is your all-time favourite love story drama/movie?
Maybe AdaMaya , I wish to have a boy like in the story. HAHA!

11. Apakah anda sedang bercinta? 
Yes, I do.


1) What's your dream car ?
2) What's the last book you read?
3) What's the thing you love most?
4) What's the one thing you've done that you regret most?
5) What's kind of music do you like and who are your favourite bands?
6) What's your happiest childhood memory?  What makes it so special?
7) If you had to pick up and leave now,to move to another country,where would u go?
8) If one song were to describe your life, what song would it be?
9) If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you do?
10) If you're in a relationship, who's the lucky person?
11) Are you good at making people smile?


Ahmad Azri
Eyqa Basyirah
Cik Tasya
Nadya Chew
Iyka Ramly
Faraa Hanieys

Thanks all ! Selamat Menjawab ! 

Learn from yesterday, Life for today and Hope for tomorrow.


nadya chew said...

thanks for tag me..nice quest, i'll try to answer all of that.

Nelly Al-Haya said...

tHAnkz sAyanG..nAma sAya dI TAg :)

Iera | Hayatz said...

U're welcome :D

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